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  • Manufacturer: ZPHC
  • Substance: Trenbolone Mix
  • Package: 200mg (10ml)
  • For: Mass Gain
  • Side effect: High


  • Manufacturer: SP Labs
  • Substance: Trenbolone Mix
  • Package: 150mg (10ml)
  • For: Mass Gain
  • Side effect: High

About the Product Tri Tren

Tri Tren, which is available for sale online, is a solution that combines three Trenbolone esters. One is a short ester ― Trenbolone Acetate. Its half-life is 3 days. Also, the solution includes two long esters ― Trenbolone Enanthate and Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate.

The first one has a half-life of 5–6 days. The second one ― 8 days. So, an athlete can count on both fast action and stable concentration of Trenbolone in the blood for a long time ― up to 2 weeks. This drug reaches the peak level in the blood 3 days after injection. Trenbolone is a well-known synthetic variant of testosterone hormone, and is produced by top-class manufacturers. The key characteristic feature of this anabolic steroid is that it is 5 times stronger than testosterone. So, using Tri Tren, one gets much more impressive results than in the case of most other anabolics.

Benefits and Positive Effects on Your Body while Using Trenbolone Mix

  • Lean muscle gains. Tri Tren 150 boosts IGF-1 production and protein synthesis. Also, it helps the body to effectively utilize all the nutrients. And that provides extraordinary muscle-building results. At first, it may seem that its bulking effect is too weak. But you should take into account that it helps to build lean and dry muscles without gaining fat or retaining water. In general, one can get up to 10 kg of muscle mass within one course.
  • A rise in red blood cell production. As a result, muscles get stronger and more durable. And an athlete can bear more intense workouts.
  • An increase in nitrogen retention. That prevents muscle wastage during low-calorie and cutting periods.
  • Suppression of glucocorticoid hormones. They destroy muscles and provoke fat gains.
  • Powerful binding properties. This product firmly binds to androgen receptors. That stimulates lipolysis and fat loss.
  • No aromatization. That means no water retention, swelling, or fat gains. The risk of estrogenic side effects is minimal.
  • Quick recovery after heavy loads.

Tri Trenbolone Cycle and Recommended Dosage

If you plan a Trenbolone Mix order, you must turn to your doctor for instructions on proper use and dosage. It is one of the most potent anabolic steroids. That is why most experts recommend it to male users only. Besides, it provides extraordinary results even in minimum doses. Thus, it is advisable to start with the lowest dose. So, novice bodybuilders take 150 mg of Tri Tren per week.

Intermediate users can increase that to 300 mg per week. Some advanced bodybuilders can tolerate a weekly dose of up to 450 mg. But you must keep in mind that the higher the dose, the higher the risk of serious side effects. Also, most athletes prefer to divide a weekly dose into two portions. That allows avoiding jumps in the concentration of the medication in the blood. A typical Tri Trenabol cycle lasts 8 weeks.

Still, some users prolong it to 12 weeks. Besides, you can stack Trenbolone Mix with other anabolic drugs. For example, for off-season time, you can combine it with Anadrol or Dianabol. And, for a cutting cycle, you can use it with Winstrol or Anavar.

Side Effects and Negative Consequences

If you have decided to start Tri Trenbolone cycle, you must strictly follow the dosage recommended by your doctor. Otherwise, you may face side effects:

  • acne;
  • hair loss;
  • an increase in body hair growth;
  • masculinization in women;
  • liver problems;
  • nervousness;
  • sleeping problems;
  • night sweats;
  • an increase in the heartbeat.

What Should You Know Before You try Tri Trenbolone?

The first step is to have a consultation with a healthcare specialist and get precise recommendations on effective and safe use. You must always stick to the instructions of your doctor. Also, you should watch for any adverse effects and tell your doctor about them. Then, the specialist will be able to help you remove or at least ease them. In addition, after you finish your Trenbolone Mix cycle, you should get post-cycle therapy. That will normalize your hormonal balance and help to avoid adverse health consequences.

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This information is not a piece of medical advice. Do not make any decisions concerning the use of the drug described or any other medications based on this article. The only one who is competent to decide which drugs are safe and effective for you is your doctor. Do not treat this article as evidence that the drug mentioned is safe, effective, or approved for treating any health conditions. In fact, it is just a short overview of general information about a particular medicine. We cannot guarantee that it is exhaustive or precise. And it does NOT include all the data about indications, contraindications, side effects, or health risks related to this medicine. This article cannot substitute qualified advice given by your health provider. Before trying this product, you should visit your doctor, undergo a medical examination, and discuss all the potential advantages and risks.

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