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  • Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • Substance: Metenolon
  • Package: 50mg (30 pills)
  • For: Cutting
  • Side effect: Low

What Are Primobolan Pills?

Primobolan (also named Methenolone Acetate) is a high-quality oral anabolic steroid available for sale online. It has a mild anabolic effect and used to treat osteoporosis, severe exhaustion, trauma, and burns. In bodybuilding, it is great for cutting phase and helps to improve muscle relief. This includes drying muscles and gaining or losing weight.

Benefits of Primobolan Acetate

  • An increase in lean muscle mass. The body looks toned, due to this anabolic supplement, as it helps to convert protein into hard and lean muscles.
  • Protection of muscles. After a Primobolan cycle is over, muscle loss is minimal and causes no harm to the body.
  • No aromatization. Thus, there are no risks associated with fat accumulation and fluid retention.
  • Metabolism stimulation. To conclude, the body burns fat more intensely.
  • Growth of muscle strength. That helps to train for better results without any physical risks.
  • Minimal androgenic activity. That is why women use this drug.
  • No toxic effect. Does not cause a negative effect on the organs, especially on the liver.

Cycle and Dosage Recommendations

As for recommendations, before using the supplement, it is necessary to consult a specialist who will prescribe the right dose and type of drug. The bodybuilders-beginners usually take 50–100 mg per day. Intermediate — 100–150mg per day. Advanced bodybuilders — up to 200mg. Female consumers should take a daily dose of 50–70mg. This dose should not harm women. The cycle of taking Primobolan is 1 time per day, during 6–8 weeks. Primobolan has a cumulative effect, so the result is visible immediately. The steroid can be combined with others. This will help productive training.

Side Effects

The minimal risk of nervous system problems, sleep disorders, liver damage is possible.

Why you must consider using PCT?

Primobolan also reduces the production of the natural male hormone, the so-called testosterone. Post-cycle therapy helps to normalize the function and production of this hormone, as well as to prevent the significant loss of muscle mass. It is recommended to start PCT 2–3 days after the end of the cycle. it is important to follow the instructions.

What to know before you buy Primo tabs?

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