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youroids.com is an online store, where one can legally buy anabolic steroids, PCT, products for weight loss, medicines for sexual health with international shipping.

All the products, which are offered on our website, belong to prescription drugs and should be used under medical surveillance only. In case a client decides to buy any products from our website without getting approval from a doctor, he should be ready to take all the related risks. The uncontrolled use of such medicines can cause severe health consequences requiring significant expenses. Besides, some of them may turn out to be irreversible.

All the materials, which are available on this website, including but not limited to articles, descriptions, instructions, reviews, are published for information only. You should never treat them as a piece of medical advice. Before ordering any of our products, you should discuss that with your doctor and receive detailed recommendations.

Also, one should highlight that, in certain countries, using steroids for bodybuilding and other non-medical purposes is considered to be illegal. It is your responsibility to study the laws of your country and to follow them. If applying such products for sports purposes is not allowed in your country, do not buy them. You will be the only one to bear responsibility, in case you break this law.

1. If you want to use our services or view any of our content, you should scrutinize all the rules from this page in the first place.

You are required to study these terms carefully during your first visit to this website. To proceed with using our services and watching our materials, you should be at least 21 years old and should fully accept all our rules without any exceptions. If you stay on this website, you confirm that you are acquainted with all the regulations and will comply with all of them.

2. You are also expected to accept all the changes to these terms by default

You should keep in mind that we have the right to update and change these rules at any moment. And we are not obliged to inform the users or visitors of the website about that. All the updates will be published on this page. So, it is advisable to regularly visit it and check the revision date. In case you cannot agree with the updates introduced, please, stop using our services and watching our materials.

3. Neither our company nor our staff will bear any responsibility for any adverse consequences related to your use of this platform

In case you decide to buy our products, view our materials or use this source in any other way, you will be the only one to take all the responsibility for any consequences. Our company cannot be obliged to pay any compensation.

4. Our website is available “as is”

We are not going to guarantee that this platform will work correctly or uninterruptedly or that we will restore its serviceability in the case of any technical problems. Also, we are not obliged to ensure that all the content, which is published, is accurate or flawless. Certainly, we can develop and improve this website if that is required for our business interests, but we cannot be demanded to do that.

Our company cannot be compelled to compensate for any health or financial damage associated with any bugs, technical problems, or mistakes in the information presented on this website.

Our specialists have the right to block access to the source at any moment without prior warning. Besides, we can limit access to certain functions or services. Such limitations can be imposed both on all the users and only some of them.

In addition, you should keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that the information, which you share with us, is transmitted and saved accurately or that it will not be lost.

5. In case you want to make purchases at our online store, you need to create a personal account

To register, you will be required to select a user name and a password. Besides, you will be asked to give basic personal information. Make sure it is accurate. We will use it for processing your orders and providing other services.

All the personal data will be treated following the privacy policy of our platform, which is published on the website. You can be sure that we will do everything in our power to protect your private data.

It is your responsibility to remember your login and password and to keep them secret. If anyone gets access to your account, you will be the only one to bear liability. If you suspect that someone might have learned your login and password or might have gotten access to your account, you must inform our support specialist within the shortest possible term.

6. To keep on using this source, you are demanded to accept the following content usage terms

There is a risk that viewing our website you will see information, which will seem unacceptable or offensive to you. We do not take obligations to track or delete such content.

However, our users and visitors are forbidden to share any information or do any acts, which break any laws or legal regulations, offend other customers and guests, infringe ethical norms, or may seem to be unacceptable.

It is also prohibited to take any actions or publish any content, which can lead to negative consequences for the serviceability of this website or other platforms, to which it is connected.

If you post any content via this source, you should not hide the information about its origin.

Users are also prohibited to conceal information about their relations with any companies or organizations.

You should never try to gather any data about any other users or viewers.

In case you want to use any content from this website for any commercial purposes, you are demanded to receive written permission from us in the first place.

You are forbidden to distribute any content or perform any actions that may put our company at risk of prosecution or other adverse consequences.

7. Our company may collaborate with external businesses, but we cannot control them

We may use our website to market products or services provided by outside businesses, but we cannot make any impact on their policy or work. Consequently, we do not bear any liability for any damages or losses associated with the use of their goods or services. In case you face any adverse health or other consequences, turn to the management of the corresponding website or business.

If you find a link to an external source on our website and decide to follow it, be sure to get acquainted with their privacy policy and terms of use without a delay.

You cannot demand our staff to participate in your communication with any external businesses.

8. You are obliged to protect our company and our staff from any prosecution or other responsibility caused by your behavior

You must secure our store, partners, and representatives from any claims that are related to your use of this service, violation of the law, or other actions.

9. All the rights related to this website belong to our company

Making this source available to users and viewers, we do not share any rights, including proprietary and intellectual ones. So, if you want to use any content published on this website, you should always contact us and receive our approval in a written form. If you ignore this, that will be determined as a violation of the law and will lead to prosecution.

10. All the users and visitors of this source are demanded to strictly follow the letter of the law

If you want to continue using this source and to make purchases here, you must adhere to the laws of the country where the headquarters of our company are situated. All the conflicts, which are related to the use of our goods or services, will be solved under the regulations that are currently valid and effective in this country.

11. We will not answer for any negative health consequences, additional expenses, or other damages that are related to the use of our website

As a user of the service, you are assumed to take all the risks, including but not limited to unauthorized access to your personal account and information, failures in the operation of the platform, inaccuracies in the content published, the behavior of third parties.

It is crucial to highlight one more time ― to view our content or to use our services, you are required to study and accept all the terms specified above and to take responsibility for all the related consequences. If you cannot agree to at least one of the regulations published on this page, please, close the website without a delay.

In case you need to ask any questions about these terms of use, you are welcome to get in touch with our support team via the contact form, email, Telegram, or Whatsapp.