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  • Manufacturer: SP Labs
  • Substance: Gonadotropin
  • Package: 1000IU (5 vials)
  • For: PCT
  • Side effect: Low


  • Manufacturer: SP Labs
  • Substance: Gonadotropin
  • Package: 5000IU (1 vial)
  • For: PCT
  • Side effect: Low

About Gonadotropin Injections

On this page are presensted HCG injections for sale. HCG states for human chorionic gonadotropin. You can also find it in USA and around the world under the brand name Pregnyl. It is a hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy. HCG activates the production of follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone. Doctors prescribe it to women who suffer from infertility, due to ovulation absence.

Also, it helps to increase these hormones in nonpregnant women and men. In men, a rise in luteinizing hormone stimulates testosterone production by the testes. So, men use this product as low testosterone therapy. Also, it is often used in bodybuilding. Most athletes take HCG during post cycle therapy to normalize testosterone levels. One more popular option is to include this drug in cutting cycles to speed up weight loss. Then, one should also stick to a low-calorie HCG diet.

How and When to Use HCG

Again, the overwhelming majority of bodybuilders use HCG injections for a PCT program. The use of any anabolic steroids causes a drop in testosterone levels. Such synthetic hormones substitute natural testosterone for the period of a cycle. Hence, a body stops producing this hormone. And, when an athlete stops using anabolics, he faces testosterone deficiency. A body needs some time to restore its production. But there is a risk that an athlete will lose all the muscle gains during this recovery period. Besides, testosterone deficiency can cause low libido, erectile problems, tiredness, depression, weight gain, body hair loss. HCG shots help to quickly restore hormonal balance and to avoid these side effects.

Athletes start taking injectable Gonadotropin in 4–6 weeks after the end of a steroid cycle. A course lasts 2–3 weeks. So, beginners administer 1000iu once in 3–4 days. A maximum dose is a 4000iu HCG injection every 3–4 days. But it can be recommended to bodybuilders with many years of experience only. Also, for female bodybuilders, using this drug for nonmedical purposes is useless. Then, after using Pregnyl for 2–3 weeks, athletes switch to SERMs, such as Nolvadex or Clomid.

In addition, many athletes use HCG ampules during steroid cycles. That helps to prepare the body for testosterone production recovery after the cycle. And, as a part of a cutting cycle, this drug stimulates metabolism and weight loss. For such purposes, one should use minimum doses. 250iu every 3–5 days is a standard variant. Do not exceed that dosage. Otherwise, you risk becoming dependent.

Contraindications and Side Effects

Human chorionic gonadotropin HCG is a prescription medication. Thus, one should always consult a professional before starting to take it. A healthcare professional will need to study one’s medical history either through a patient's physician or through a personal consultation. Besides a consultation with a physician, one may need to do some lab work if there is a clinical need.

Risk factors and contraindications to HCG use:

  • heart diseases;
  • kidney problems;
  • migraine;
  • prostate oncology;
  • ovary cysts;
  • uterus tumors;
  • vaginal bleeding
  • epilepsy;
  • asthma.

Also, Pregnyl is dangerous for pregnant women.

Potential side effects of HCG:

  • anxiety;
  • tiredness;
  • depression;
  • pains in the injection spot;
  • swelling in the arms and legs;
  • pains in the area of ovaries;
  • blood clots (pains, redness, warmth, or any other discomfort in your legs or arms, confusion, feeling dizzy, severe headaches);
  • gynecomastia in men;
  • allergic reactions.

If you experience any of them, turn to a physician or pharmacy without a delay.

Warnings & Precautions before You try Gonadotropin

Again, before starting any therapeutic or nonmedical use of Pregnyl, you must discuss your medical history either with your physician or your sports doctor. When you look for HCG online, you will get special kits including ampules with powder and bottles with sterile water. You will need to prepare a solution on your own according to the instructions by the manufacturer. Use an insulin pin for injections. Then, you will experience much less discomfort during the procedure. Also, using HCG requires making subcutaneous shots.

That means that you will need to grab some fat in the lower part of your abdomen and administer an injection into it under the skin. All the information above is provided for information only. We do not bear any responsibility for its correctness. All the rights of its authors are reserved.

Where Do I Buy HCG at a Cheap Price?

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This information is not a piece of medical advice. Do not make any decisions concerning the use of the drug described or any other medications based on this article. The only one who is competent to decide which drugs are safe and effective for you is your doctor. Do not treat this article as evidence that the drug mentioned is safe, effective, or approved for treating any health conditions. In fact, it is just a short overview of general information about a particular medicine. We cannot guarantee that it is exhaustive or precise. And it does NOT include all the data about indications, contraindications, side effects, or health risks related to this medicine. This article cannot substitute qualified advice given by your health provider. Before trying this product, you should visit your doctor, undergo a medical examination, and discuss all the potential advantages and risks.

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