Steroid Manufacturers

To receive great results from a steroid cycle, one should select supplements with special care. It is the doctor’s responsibility to recommend optimal active substances and dosages. But a consumer can choose anabolic drugs and raw steroid powder manufacturers at his sole discretion.

Which steroid manufacturer should you choose?

On the global market, there are hundreds of anabolic steroid manufacturers. Most of them offer identical drugs, but the quality of their products may differ dramatically.

Hence, if you plan to buy anabolic pharmaceuticals, it is better to avoid a hurry. Take your time and do some research on the brand chosen. Learn about their history, experience, achievements, and reputation. Also, be sure to have a close look at consumers’ reviews on several independent websites. If you notice any doubtful facts, you had better search for another manufacturer. Besides, you can turn to your doctor for professional advice.

Best steroid manufacturer

We know that, if one does not have much experience in bodybuilding, it may be hard to select a pharma brand. That is why we have compiled a list of oral and injectable steroids manufacturers, which are worth trusting. These companies put quality issues first.

Top 10 steroid manufacturers


This Chinese pharma giant has been operating on the market for almost 50 years. They can be safely named one of the most successful steroid manufacturing companies in the world.

2. Balkan Pharmaceuticals

This company is located in the Republic of Moldova. They opened in 2006. Their first priority is to provide access to premium-quality medicines at affordable prices. They are orientated towards consumers with average earnings. They also offer both oral anabolics and steroid injections.

3. SP Laboratories

This is the subsidiary of Balkan Pharmaceuticals that specializes in anabolic steroids.

4. Spectrum Pharma

This biotechnological company develops and produces innovative supplements. They give maximum attention to quality issues and scrupulously test every steroids manufacturing process. They can boast 10-year experience of working in the pharma industry.

5. Alpha-Pharma Healthcare

This Indian steroid manufacturer is focused on the quality-to-price ratio. They believe that customers should have access to drugs needed, regardless of their financial state.

6. Meditech Switzerland

This is a large Swiss company that has proven to be one of the leaders of the global market of enhancing drugs.

7. La Pharma

This is another Indian brand of anabolics that has managed to gain worldwide fame.

8. March Pharmaceuticals

The Thai manufacturer entered the market more than 50 years ago. They offer both oral and injectable drugs.

9. Thaiger Pharmaceutical Group

The company is located in China and produces anabolics in the form of oral tablets and injections.

10. Global Anabolic

This Chinese company has been producing anabolic and human growth hormones since 2006.

Choose one of these top 10 best steroid manufacturers, and you will definitely get ultimate results from a cycle.