Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for our online store After reading it, you will know what information we collect and how we use it.

One should note that the protection of the users’ rights is one of the top priorities of our team. So, when sharing your private data with us, you can be absolutely sure that our specialists will take proper care of its security.

These regulations apply to the information shared and gathered via our website at only.

1. You must accept all the rules disclosed below without any exceptions

Whether you want to make purchases from our online shop or just watch some of our content, you are obliged to follow this policy. Hence, it is strictly recommended scrutinizing it without a delay ― the first time you come to

Make sure you agree to all the points specified. If at least one of them is unacceptable to you, please, close the platform right away.

Keep in mind that if you stay on the website, that will be qualified as consent by default.

2. We have the right to introduce updates at any time

We can make changes to these regulations at any moment and as frequently as we need it to protect our commercial interests. Also, we must review this document every time it is demanded by the law. We may notify you about that via email or other means of communication, but we are not obliged to that.

It is your responsibility to watch the updates ― to regularly check the revision date on this page and to look through the rules when necessary.

3. We need information about you to provide better service
Here are some of the ways we use it:

  • to notify you about news, special offers, and advantageous deals;
  • to advertise our products and services;
  • to learn how you use our website;
  • to get a clear idea of your needs and interests;
  • to provide you with personalized offers and content;
  • to ensure the proper operation of our online store;
  • to learn which features of the service require improvement;
  • to receive detailed analytics about market trends.
  • to process your requests and orders;

4. We may ask you to provide certain personal information

First of all, if you want to place an order at our online store, you will need to get an account. To create it, you will need to specify your name and contact information.

Also, you will be required to provide basic contact details to send a request to our support team. Besides, you will probably include certain personal information in your message or attachments to it.

Sure, it is up to you to decide which information to disclose. But you should keep in mind that certain services cannot be provided without receiving basic data from you.

5. We use log files and cookies to receive analytics

Identically to any other online source, uses cookies. This technology is applied to find and store information about users’ interests, pages they access, their browsers, etc. We need it to customize the content shown to a client according to his individual needs and to ensure a positive shopping experience.

Today, almost every website uses cookies. So, if you do not know much about them, it is high time to fix that. Follow this link to see useful materials about this tool.

Besides, we may use log files for standard purposes: to study market trends, to learn how our clients use this platform, to manage the website. This tool also collects general technical data.

Again, these instruments collect the data, which helps us improve the level of service, but it cannot be used to identify your personality.

6. We do everything in our power to protect your personal data

We value the trust of our customers, hence, our specialists give maximum attention to information security issues. We have created a reliable security system, which protects our databases from unauthorized access and technical failures. So, giving confidential information to us, you do not need to worry about its safekeeping.

Still, if you have an account at, it is your responsibility to keep the login and password safe. Also, if you suspect that someone got access to it, be sure to let our support team know about that without a delay.

7. We never sell information about our users to other businesses

You do not need to worry that someone will learn your contact details and will send some advertisements or spam to your email.

8. We cannot control the operation of third-party companies

Using our platform, you may see advertisements or other content by external businesses. Keep in mind that we cannot make any impact on their operation. The regulations on this page apply to only. So, if you decide to follow a link to an outside service, be sure to get acquainted with their policies right away. They may also use cookies or other tools to collect information about you.

Besides, it is important to highlight that we are not obliged to take part in your communication with external services, even if they are our partners. If you have any questions about their rules or operation, please, turn to their support specialists.

9. We always treat personal information in accordance with the law

Certainly, if you want to use our platform, you are also required to follow the letter of the law.

10. You are not allowed to collect any information about any of the customers or visitors of our online store

In case you break this rule, you will be legally prosecuted.

11. You can choose which details to share with us

But you should take into account that, if you decide to refuse to provide certain facts, that may prevent you from getting access to certain features and services.

Besides, you have the right to learn which information we have about you and to request us to correct, change, complete, or erase it

Certainly, in case you have some doubts and need additional explanations, our support specialists will gladly provide a consultation. Do not hesitate and write to them at any time.