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  • Manufacturer: Spectrum Pharma
  • Substance: Methandienone
  • Package: 50mg (10ml)
  • For: Weight Gain
  • Side effect: High


  • Manufacturer: ZPHC
  • Substance: Methandienone
  • Package: 50mg (10ml)
  • For: Weight Gain
  • Side effect: High

What Is Injectable Dianabol Anabolic Steroid?

Our online store offers injectable Dianabol for sale with international delivery. Injectable Dianabol is the liquid form of Dbol pills. It is a well known anabolic androgenic steroid that provides excellent muscle growth. It can help you increase your muscle mass up to 400% within one cycle. Its anabolic activity is phenomenal ― 200% higher than in testosterone. Its active substance is Methandienone. The two versions of this anabolic and androgenic steroid are almost identical. But Dianabol injections are safer for the digestive system. Besides, the speed of absorption is higher.

As a rule, athletes take Methandienone injectable for bulking cycles during the offseason. But this drug is also used for cutting cycles together with other anabolic steroids. It prevents the loss of lean muscle tissue when one is on a strict diet.

Benefits and Positive Effects on Your Body While Using Dbol Injection

  • Huge muscle gains. Dianabol injections stimulate appetite, protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, glycogen accumulation. Besides, they increase the level of red blood cells. Bodybuilders use Methandienone injectable when they need extreme body mass gains.
  • Muscle-protecting properties. This drug prevents the loss of high quality muscles after hard training sessions. Also, it protects muscles during cutting cycles.
  • Strong bones and joints.
  • Fast recovery after injuries.
  • Fantastic athletic power.
  • Exceptional endurance.
  • Significant fat losses due to accelerated metabolism.
  • A rise in sexual desire.
  • Moderate risk of bloating. This supplement helps to build dense muscles. But you should use it in safe doses.
  • Low risk of digestive problems and liver damage. That depends on the dosage.
  • Comfortable use. These injections do not cause severe pain. That is especially important for beginners.

Cycle and Recommended Dosage

The half life of liquid Methandienone is no more than 24 hours. So, athletes make injections once per day or every other day. The average dose for male athletes is 50–100mg every second day or daily. For women, a safe single dosage is up to 25mg. Bodybuilders usually take this anabolic steroid for 5–7 weeks. Injectable Dianabol has a very potent activity. Even a short cycle will provide a huge increase in mass and strength.

If you want to avoid potential side effects, do not exceed the recommended dosage. Sure, one can use this drug in stacks. The most widespread variant is to combine it with testosterone esters. So, you can stack it with Testosterone Cypionate or Testosterone Enanthate. Also, you can take it with Deca Durabolin. Before you order Dbol injection, ask your doctor to plan a safe cycle for you.

Side Effects and Negative Consequences

The androgenic effect of injectable Methandienone is 2 times lower than in testosterone. Still, it may cause acne, hair loss, aggression, and other androgenic effects. The most serious estrogenic side effects are gynecomastia and water retention. Also, liquid Dbol is safer for the liver than its oral form.

Why Should You Pay More Attention to Post Cycle Therapy?

Methandienone Dianabol injectable is much stronger than testosterone. So, its use leads to a dramatic drop in the production of this hormone. One does not feel that during the cycle. But, when a sportsman stops using liquid Dianabol, he faces testosterone deficiency. And that causes muscle losses. Post cycle therapy normalizes the production of natural testosterone within the shortest time. After the use of liquid Dbol, one can apply such post cycle products as Tamoxifen or Clomiphene.

What You Should Pay More Attention to before Trying Injectable Dianabol

At our online store, you can buy both liquid Dianabol and drugs for the PCT. Why choose YouRoids? We offer premium quality at a cheap price, which will fit into every budget.

This information is not a piece of medical advice. Do not make any decisions concerning the use of the drug described or any other medications based on this article. The only one who is competent to decide which drugs are safe and effective for you is your doctor. Do not treat this article as evidence that the drug mentioned is safe, effective, or approved for treating any health conditions. In fact, it is just a short overview of general information about a particular medicine. We cannot guarantee that it is exhaustive or precise. And it does NOT include all the data about indications, contraindications, side effects, or health risks related to this medicine. This article cannot substitute qualified advice given by your health provider. Before trying this product, you should visit your doctor, undergo a medical examination, and discuss all the potential advantages and risks.

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